Scone collection: Drabble 1


Chú thích: Đây là những drabble Nát-chàn này viết dựa trên trí tưởng tượng nhảm-văn-nhí cùng với đống scone tềnh iu mà Nát tự làm (đùa thôi, scone Mẽo chất lượng cao trên lớp đó). Mọi người đọc xong thì góp ý cho Nát nhé, và làm ơn nói giùm là Nát có nên tiếp tục hay không nhé :3


Author: Rin aka Nát-chàn :v

Pair: Germancest là chính (cái này làm theo yêu cầu của Pru-nii baka), ngoài ra có RuPru friendship (thực tế vai trò của nii-san mờ nhạt lắm, chủ yếu là thêm vào để dìm Pru thôi :v )

Language: cát-tờ-pi-lờ láng-guệch (English :v )

Disclaimer: Nát ko sở hữu j sất: cái plot dựa trên cờ-líp “Lạnh thì làm j” của Đu Đồ Đút, các anh zai xinh tươi thuộc quyền sở hữu của Himapapa và của nhau :v (có mỗi nii-san là của Nát thoai) và đống scone là công thức gia truyền nhà Ú Sâu từ bao đời nay gây nền độc lập :v

Warning: scone, siêu nhảm, nii-san nhoi bất bình thường, và có một nhân vật siêu nhiên biết leo tường Berlin mà ko bị nhà Soviet giết :v

Xong, giờ thì … ten ten ten tèn :v hàng nhoi đây :3

~ T^T ~


It’s not my choice that I have to attend this war

It’s not my choice that I have to fight for such an idiosyncratic sociopath (Nát: *lepokerface* Hitler, ờ ghen. Sặc)

It’s not my choice to lose to that… that… thing…! (who now became my best buddy btw)

It’s not my choice that I have to live in that goddamn mansion!

Seriously, that’s not even the point. Period


The point is…

(guitar starts to play)

I’m freezing to death. (Soviets: *đồng thanh* *cười kiểu titan* Yeah Right :v ~)

I’m serious!

It has been a long HIATUS, I’m telling you. It’s freezing cold, even inside this goddamn mansion. Even if Ivan did turn on the heater, even if the Baltic states did light up the fireplace, even if Natalya did provide three freaking blankets for each of us, it’s still as cold as hell. Winter sucks, as always -_-

The family has been EXPOSTULATING about almost anything these days. Not that they have nothing to complain in the other occasions, of course, but this LURID winter is the worst. It’s nothing special, just the petty usual things, forever dealing with electricity and charcoal bills… What was I thinking? In this family, every.penny.counts. If you do think the Soviets  have much pride with their vast land and unlimited supply of  minerals, I’m telling you liebe, you’re dead wrong. Especially during the freezing winter like this. Ivan’s gone sick, Toris starts to feel unwell, and Natalya is just… JADED I suppose… (Nát: *smack* e có phải tiểu thư nhà giàu đâu nào! Pru: xó rỳ mà -_- ).

Of course, even with a strong COALITION like this, winter can seriously bring a regime into a period of  DECADENCE. Even the nation with ever-lasting snow and ice. I’m telling you, this has never, ever been HACKNEYED.

I, my awesome self, try to indulge myself by rolling in three layers of blankets… uhm Nata-chan’s blankets are soft and warm… that girl’s a cute one…

… wait a second, did I just call Nata-chan cute?





Btw, is the little girl trying to be nice one in a while? Or is she just being UNCTUOUS?

Jeez, she’s really hard for the awesome me to follow. What a pity: she’s a pretty girl.

Okay, so the awesome me just stay in the bed and do nothing. Nothing at all :v It’s not that I’m lazy or anything, it’s just that it’s too cold to even move a muscle!

“You’re just sick” – Ivan said

“Wait, what’s that all about?” – I asked

“I told you, you’re sick” – he repeated – “Just lay down and rest”

“You must be joking. The awesome me can’t get sick, right!?”

Ivan just shook his head. “Anyone can get sick, you know that all too well. Now stop being a PETULANT child and just stay in bed.”

“I’m not a child, you know. I’m just awesome” I pouted.

“Well, you haven’t changed since I last saw you as the Teutonic Knights” – He sighed – “Now just be nice and quiet and go to sleep. I’ll get you some medicine, kay?”

“Fine, whatever. I’m still awesome, even when I’m sick”

Then out of the room he goes…

No, he’s dead wrong.

I’m not sick, just don’t feel like doing anything today.

Just need something to ASSUAGE my loneliness…

Somebody by my side and sing me a lullaby…



Urg, what was I thinking? The awesome me must never think this way! I must not fall to such petty stuff! :evenifivansvoiceissocuteidie: (Katya: tsuntsun kìa :3 Pru: NEIN!)

Knock knock. Oh great, someone’s at the door

“Gilbert, I’m sorry, but we seem to run out of medicine” – Ivan slowly opened the door

“It’s fine, I’m awesome, remember? I’m not the kind of guy who takes UMBRAGE over petty things, kesesese ~”

Ivan just sighed

“Oh by the way,” he suddenly speaks “Ludwig phoned you five minutes ago”

“West? My dear precious bruder? What did he say?” I suddenly jump out of my bed

“Well, why don’t you find out?” He just gives me the receiver, then walks out of the room. Again.

Well, at least this time he didn’t leave me alone, rite? :v

“Guten West :3 ” – I finally pic up the phone to my ear

“Guten Bruder, how are you today?” – it’s so great to hear West’s voice again, after so many years :3 (Nii: awww~ Gil-kun nhà mình brocon kìa :3   Pru: shut up -_- )

“Freezing to death, if you ask me” – I simply reply

“What, are you trying to apply an INNUENDO that you don’t love me anymore?” – he asks

“Kesesese ~ What makes you say that?” – I laugh. West always knows how to ELICIT my laughter

“N-nothing, just… forget it, okay?” – he said. You’re just so cute, West :3

“Fine” I smiled. (Nii: Lud-kun cũng tsuntsun kìa, da~ Lud: *facepalm* Mutterland, ta không nghĩ là em nên dính đến vấn đề này… Nii: li dị lâu rồi mà ba, có làm sao đâu *cười gian*)

For all you fangirls out there (not you, Eliza) that is why my relationship with my precious West TRANCENDS normal brotherly love (Nii: *ló đầu* cái này còn gọi là bờ-ro-đờ côm-pờ-lết hay là brocom ế :v Pru: khỏi cần nhắc!)

“So, what is it that’s brought you to this surprising call, eh West dear?” – I ask :3

“Uh, it’s cold outside, as you can see…”

“Uh huh”

“So… d-do you want to come over? To my place, perhaps? To c-cuddle like the old days?” (Nii: âu mai gót tsuntsun đã hoá deredere kìa :3 Ger: Mutterland, nàng… thật sự… chấp nhận việc này? Nii: *nghiêm túc-face* J vậy, li dị lâu r mà ba)

“I’ll think about it West. Until then, Auf Wiedersehen, mein kleinen Bruder :3 ”

“I hope to see you soon”

And he hangs up :v

I look at the receiver carefully. Usually when Ivan gives me something, he always leaves a note somewhere…





Found it :v

“Bad news. Cooker’s broken, will get a new one tomorrow. Dinner’s at the same place -_-

And, take a shower. Made some hot water. And you stink :v

Sincerely, Ivan ^J^ ”


Now how do I get to West now?

(Nii: hình như mày ko thấy là 2 chuyện nó hổng có lan quyên j đến nhau đâu mà phải hem ^J^ Pru: có đó ba, nhịn đói sao con leo tưởng? Nii: ờ… cơ mà cái thằng dở này, trời đang âm hai chục độ đó, muốn ra ngoài thật à? Pru: phía Nam ấm hơn! Nii: *tuki-ing* đừng động chạm nỗi đao nữa mà … TTJTT)

Ok, so people may ask: how can I get to West when we are separated by the Berlin Wall?

You might not know this, but it is actually as simple as hell. When that goddamn wall was built, Ivan told me that I could climb the wall a-ny-time I want, if I was able to come back alive, of course :v By this APPROBATION, I no longer have to wait for 40 years to see West again anymore . I’m glad; he is the only one in the Allies who can understand how it felt to be far away from his beloved family. He’s never said anything about that since :v When I ask him, he always evades my question. Must be something after the divorce…

Anyway, I’m glad Ivan actually INTERCEDES into our relationship. PROVINCIAL as he is, he still has a heart, and he is definitely NOT stupid :v Well, he DID say it’s my PREROGATIVE, right?

But he also said that he would not interfere if I want to meet West… that means he’s not going to drive me to the Berlin Wall (Nii: yup (y) )

So if I want to meet West again, I’ll have to drive myself…

Oh shoot -_-

Well, fine.

I’m technically getting ready for… technically everything. I’m telling you, I don’t like SIMULATING Ivan’s fashion taste, but during this winter, it doesn’t look like I have a choice, right? So I’m wearing a fur hat, fur scarf, fur jacket, fur coat, fur boots… technically everything associated with fur :v I’m telling you, I don’t like the fact that the Soviets kill animals for clothing, but does it look like I have a choice? No.

Right, I’m really.

I’m soooo ready.

Embrace the snow.

Embrace the wind.

Embrace the weather…





I can’t do it -_- (Pru: bỗng nhiên thấy mình so fail… Nii: h mới bik à?)

I’m sorry West dear

But I can’t do it.

“So you didn’t make it after all…?” – Ivan sighs


“Oh well…”


“There’s no need to apologize. It was quite MERITORIOUS, by the way. I can’t do that on my own, really. Toris have to push me to do it ^J^”

“Danke Ivan”

Ivan looks solemnly out of the window

“Gil-kun, do you smoke?”

“Who? Me? Smoke? You gotta be kidding me. The awesome me never smokes, kesesese”

“Oh. It’s just that I saw something resembled smoking from your room…”

“Ivan, please, that’s just frozen air! You don’t have to be so serious!”

“O…kay. I’m sorry, I must have thought too much”

“You should have known that ages ago, you know that!”

“Really? Ahahaha… Achoo!”

“Bless you!”


~ \ (=w=) / ~


Winter nights in the Soviet household are usually quiet; today it’s also dark as well. The family goes to bed early because no one’s got the stamina to stay up late anymore :v Therefore, the awesome me closes his awesome diary and gets ready to bed.

“Gil-kun, you’re still awake, aren’t you?”

“Actually I was about to go to bed.”

“I just come to say goodnight.”

“Gute Nacht, Ivan; and Danke”


Click! (tắt đèn)


~ \ ( ^o^ ) / ~


Nát: vậy là xong rồi đó, cuối cùng cũng đã xếp xong 1 đống xì côn :v *tung bông* H nghĩ lại thấy khúc cuối hơi xàm lông :v

Có một số từ tiếng Đức hay tiếng Nga (đã romanized) đơn giản thì mn cứ tra GG translate nhé, tại Nát toàn xài cái đó ko à :3 Thật đấy, ngoài cát-tờ-pi-lờ láng-guệch ra thì ko môn Ngoại ngữ nào Nát khá cả :v Và những từ in hoa giữa câu được gọi là xì côn đó, có nghĩa giải thích trên đầu rồi đó, kéo lên đọc đi :v Mong rằng cái fic xàm lông đầu tay này sẽ ko làm cho mn thất vọng *le lấy rổ hứng dép*

Và cuối cùng là, Fröhlich Geburtstag, Happy Birthday nhé Ore-sama *tung bông lần 2* Chúc ông anh mạnh khoẻ, có được cái điện thoại xịn hơn Sám sụng của ông anh và bớt ám ảnh về việc mình sắp biến mất đi. Ông còn sống nhăn răng đó ông anh, bằng chứng là hàm răng chắc khoẻ của bé ngoan này còn cạp được ông anh đó :v

Nát xin hết, và xin rút :v *le hứng dép*

*ló đầu ra* À spam tí

albino (n) /ælˈbiːnəu US ælˈbaɪnou/ (plural: albinos)

[Date: 1700-1800; Language: Portuguese; Origin: Spanish, from albo ‘white’]

A person or animal with a genetic condition that makes their skin and hair very white and their eyes pink.

(theo từ điển Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English)


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