[APH] The House in the Woods


(Based on “The Witch’s House”, a RPG horror game by Fummie)

Author: Ellen

Genre: Horror, Fantasy, Suspense, Hurt – Comfort

Rating: R15, just to be safe

Pairings: RuPru, Germancest

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything. The guys belong to Himapapa and each other, the plot belongs to Fummie, and most of the art belongs to LOVEPOTIONNo9’s “My name is Your Night” and “Do You Remember Me?”

Warning: Not suitable for anyone who is afraid of ghosts, monsters, abnormal thinking , shounen – ai, and incest. Also mixed usage of country and human names.

Summary: “Prussia-kun, what do you suppose “friends” are for?”

(this is not part of the scone collection whatsoever, so don’t get mistaken, ok?)


— Prologue –

Russian winters had always been harsh, Prussia said to himself

It had been long since the last time he visited his former captive and enemy, Russia. Ever since the Berlin Wall came down, he never returned to the vast land. Ever.

And there he was, standing in the middle of nowhere, under the freezing weather, finding his way to the large man’s house. No, he was visiting the former communist just because others said the man had been sick and needed help. “Really, who do they think I am? I’m a retired country, not a caretaker!”

He thought angrily, looking around.

Trees, trees everywhere…

And not a single critter in sight. Except for Gilbird, by the way.

Worst of all, the road was blocked by a bunch of freakishly large roses… “That’s just weird,” Prussia thought to himself, “I’ve never seen such roses before… Were they newly planted or something?” Not that he didn’t like roses, but it was blocking his way out of that deserted forest. Then again, he still had to find the way into Russia’s house, no matter what. Ignoring the little bird chirping on his head, Prussia searched his satchel – which he usually carried with him everywhere. “There must be something in here… Hopefully I can cut some roses with that…” Sadly, what he saw was nothing but a letter, written by his precious baby brother whom he called West.

No. It was not A letter. There was only half of the letter there.

“don’t mind if you enter the forest to Russland’s house, but be careful, it might be dangerous. Hope you get back to us soon, brüder. Ludwig”

… right.

He looked through his satchel one more time, and did find something truly useful. A machete. An old, rusty machete, which he used to fight Hungary with. Ah, those were the days…

No time for memories, Prussia thought. He ran deeper into the forest and cut the blocked rose with the knife. And it broke, just. like. that. “It’s a very old machete anyways…” he sighed, walking deeper into the forest.

As Gilbert advanced deeper into the woods, he saw a creepy-looking  house covered in dunes of snow and several ivy creepers. Uh, no, that was the used-to-be Soviet’s mansion, where Prussia used to be held captive by the Eastern European communist family… until the Union finally collapsed and everybody left. Well, almost. Russia decided to stay behind, suffering his illness all alone. Seriously, Prussia thought, if the man was sick, he would have at least called someone, or asked for help… Maybe the big guy had too much pride and dignity to do that? “It used to be livelier the last time I checked…,” Prussia mumbled, looking around the awkwardly quiet house. “Where is everybody?”

He spotted a black cat bathing in the remaining sunlight. “Are you, by any means, visiting the house?” it asked. Prussia sighed, as if there wasn’t enough weird stuff happening in the house … “A talking cat… Very clever, Russia, very clever…”

“Might as well go in, if you can’t find the way out”

As the cat spoke, the gate slowly opened.

Prussia walked cautiously into the mansion. “Man, this is just getting weirder and weirder”



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