[APH] The House in the Woods – Chapter 1


— Chapter 1 –



Source: “My Name is Your Night” – LOVEPOTIONNo9

(just consider this as a sight of Prussia being attacked by a giant bear :v )

There was only one door in front of Prussia’s eyes…

Weird, he thought, this house used to have so many rooms… has Russia altered the mansion?

Curious enough, he slowly walked through the small door. He found a little note on the wall at the other side of the room. “Funny,” he thought, “there’s even a pool of blood here… kind of creepy though… better stay away” So he walked cautiously around the pool, and examined the piece of paper…

COME TO MY ROOM – it said.

“What does that suppose to mean? There’s no fucking room in this house!” Prussia scoffed. Impatient as always, a voice softly spoke, get out of the room and find out for yourself, will you?

Prussia sighed. That was what the former Soviet used to say whenever he got angry at trivial things… “You’re serious, right? Fine.” So out of the room he went.

And the gates were gone. Instead he saw two other doors, one to the left, the other to the right. Great, you’re gonna just trap me here forever, aren’t  you Russia? Hadn’t forty years of the Cold War enough for you…?

The black cat he met at the gate was standing on a small platform. “Hey there. Decided I’d follow you just for laughs” he said. Prussia let out a sigh, but kept on walking anyway.

He investigated the one on the right, and stuck in a crossroad. He continued straight ahead, to the first door he saw. He didn’t see anything but a bear in a tiny basket. There was also a note on the wall.


“Bears… wait, that’s supposed to be plural, right? So why the hell is there only one bear in the basket? Russia, I told you I hate puzzles!” he muttered scornfully, and stormed out of the empty room.

The small alley caught his sight. “Seriously Russia, what – in the name of god – kind of accommodation have you turned this place into? A FUN house?” Prussia scoffed as he slowly exceeded to the hallway. By the time he got to the end of the alley, he saw a tiny little door.

“I remember this… this used to be Russia’s study, right?” he muttered, entering the room “He always had his precious things here… important papers, presents and everything…”

Inside was a little desk with an open notebook, a small closet and several gift boxes scattered on the floor. “Wow. I never thought Russia to be THIS messy before…” Prussia thought. He checked the closet and spotted a piece of paper which read: “OPEN WHEN THE HOUSE RETURNS TO NORMAL” Oh, so you mean this place is turning abnormal then… Prussia then spotted a small teddy bear amongst the various boxes. “A gift from his old boss I suppose…” And it clicked! “Bears in the basket… that’s it! I’ve got it! In your face, Russia!” he excitedly exclaimed.

He picked up the small bear and got ready to walk outside, but the notebook caught his eye. RUSSIA’S DIARY – it said… He’s never recalled Russia keeping a diary, or actually ever SEEN Russia keeping a diary. Oh well…

He opened the first page…

I was sick

So nobody wanted to stay with me

Everyone left, even my sisters…

They never loved me…

This was written in 1991…

“Seriously Russia, if you’re so desperate for love, just go out and get it.” Prussia mumbled “Ah, wait, people never loved you anyway. Kesesese, screw you then”

He ran back to the teddy bear room and tried to put the bear in the basket, but to no avail. “Aw shit, why wouldn’t it fit?” he cussed, leaving the room

He continued to search the door on the left. There was a pair of scissors laying still, tied on a workbench. “Maybe I’ll use these to cut the bear,” he thought “That may be cruel, but I don’t really have a choice, do I?” So he cut the bear’s limbs and head. “That’s weird,” he thought “Teddy bears aren’t supposed to bleed, right? So why are there red spots on the limbs?” But it didn’t bother him long, he carried the bear’s torso and walked outside.

A red splash of bear paw suddenly appeared on the wall. Prussia jerked himself back a little, but calmed down quickly and exceeded to the teddy bear room. He cautiously put the torso inside the basket, and it fit perfectly. Click! An unlocking sound of a door was heard “Well that was surprising…” Prussia said as he left the small room.

Just as he returned to the hallway, he heard a sudden roar. And there it was, a giant teddy bear coming towards him, trying to kill him. “What, in the name of God, is this thing!?” Prussia rushed back to the room, slamming the door shut… And then everything came into silence, just like that. No traces of the giant bear, nor the bleeding from the tiny bear in the basket. It healed itself.

“What was that all about? And what the hell is wrong with this house?” Prussia mumbled, struggling to stand up straight. Then he took a deep breath, fixed his collar and exceeded to the west wing. The door at the damp room had finally been unlocked. Hardly had Prussian reached the door when he heard a sound of something fallen to the ground. “A couple of bear limbs eh… must be from the bear” He thought “Oh well, I hope this will come in handy”

So he did. Prussia took the bear’s limbs with him and exceeded to the next room.



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