[APH] The House in the Woods – Chapter 2

Chapter 2:

Untitled (9)

(From LOVEPOTIONNO9’s “My Name is Your Night”)

Prussia slowly walked through the next door

In front of him was a big table, with seven chairs, some beautiful flower vases and a little skull-shaped bowl of boiling hot soup. “This is the dining room where the family used to eat,” Prussia searched through his memories, “And I bet that bowl of soup is a gift from Lithuania for Russia”
He then looked through the bowl. “Its colour is freakish, seriously. I mean, I’ve never seen such greenish soup before… Don’t tell me it’s one of the lentil soups Romano used to make… I have to admit, that was delicious, but to think, too much beans in one bowl… Please.” He thought, “And the smell is weird too… when was the last time Russia left his room? 1989?”

There’s a small note taped on the table, next to the bowl. “TASTE POISON” it said. “OK… that was… weird… Please, do I look like I even care, Russia?” – he mumbled

Prussia took a look around and saw a small door to the far right “That’s the kitchen… the family used to make good food there…” He looked back at the soup “OK… I still fail to understand why there is a bowl of disgusting soup over there…Ugh, never mind”

He walked slowly to the door and examined it. There was also a small note taped on the wall.

LEND A HAND – he read

“Aw man, seriously? Do I really have to help with the housework again Russia?” Prussia whined, but he walked through the door anyway.

There was a knife piercing a wooden tablet, hovering in the air freely. Prussia looked closely. “It’s like there’s an invisible person working there” he thought as he walked closer to the bench.

“So busy. Busy busy busy” a little voice chided. Somehow it sounded like Belarus. He walked cautiously to the invisible person.

“Uhm, do you need a hand?” he asked, ever so politely. The knife suddenly stopped moving and pointed towards him.

“Prussia, right? I haven’t seen you for a while.” So that was indeed Belarus… or at least what’s left of her soul. “Yes, I am in dire need of a hand. Do you have one?”

The statement was literal, not metaphorical. Just stay calm, a voice in his head said, she won’t hurt you… yet. Think carefully before you act.

“Uh, no, I don’t have a spare arm or leg. Sorry.” He apologised, “But I do have some teddy bear limbs. Will that help?” he held out the limbs as he spoke. With a swift move, Belarus snapped the limbs from his hand and lay them onto the chopping board. “Thank you” the woman said quietly and continued with her work. Moments later, the limbs were nothing but small dices on the board.

“Here. For your help.” The woman said, after finishing her work. “Hope you can get to niisan’s room soon. But, I’m warning you: after our separation, nobody has ever come and gotten out of here alive. So be very, VERY careful.” She handed him a small silver key. “Here’s the key to the next destination, I hope you can make good use of it. And, good luck”

With that, the woman disappeared into thin air.

As Prussia walked out of the kitchen, he noticed a small door to the right. Could the key go there? He tried twisting the key into the keyhole, but what answered him was nothing but rats falling from the ceiling. “Ugh, how the hell did they climb up so high?”

Right, so maybe that’s not the right way to open this goddamn door. He remembered the “lentil” soup in the skull-shaped bowl. “Ok, what if I put the key in there?”

So he walked back to the dining room, and slowly put the key in the bowl. The key suddenly turned as black as charcoal, dissolving almost immediately into the acidic substance. He heard an unlocking sound somewhere. “Ah hah,” he thought, “so that’s how you open that door…”

Then he walked straight to the opened door and walked through.

As Prussia slowly made his way up the stairs, he heard another pair of feet walking with him, but saw nobody around him. Suddenly, he caught sight of an ivory scarf and beige clothing dashing through the steps. “Russia?” he asked. No reply. He continued to climb up the stairs, hearing the other’s footfall getting quieter and quieter. As he finally reached the end of the staircase, he cautiously looked around. No sign of the former Soviet. “Maybe it’s just my imagination…” Prussia thought, advancing forward.



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