The House in the Woods – Extra Chapter

Author Note: This one was supposed to be written after Prussia found out Lithuania committed suicide but I got carried away and forgot to write it. Please accept my humble apologies.



Prussia looked carefully at the shelves again. This time, something had changed. The book “A Funny Story” had turned into another one, called “IVAN”

The sorcerer was possessed by a demon

He perceived his sickness as the reason he was not loved

He only hoped to be loved

He wished for a spell to cure his sickness

What he obtained was a spell to trade bodies

What he found was another nation, one of his kind

Only, he was different

He was


“Hell…” Prussia thought, “I never thought Russia would trade his body for another one…” He slowly closed the book, put that on a shelf, and left the library in complete silence. Fear crept slowly into his mind, but he shook it off immediately. He trotted off.



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